Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Every Man for Himself

During the "Good Times"...

Man (drawing S$3K per month) : Pls kindly accept my resignation becos' I got a better offer from other company.

Boss (drawing S$10K per month) : Garmen, I want to complain, why so hard to retain workers ?

Chief of Labourers (drawing abt estimated S$100K a month) : Juz becos of a few dollars, u all job-hop around, wat a short-sighted move.

Around the same time, the prices of bread, flour, meat, MRT, Bus & petrol all went up.

During the "Bad Times..."

Man-age-r : Why I kena sacked ? I worked here for more than 10yrs.

Boss : I can hire 2 or 3 more younger guys to replace you.

Chief of Labourer : Bo pian, we will try to help. If really no choice, still can go be taxi-drivers but pls dun tout.